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Can't access Steam key (WitE) / Matrix account locked



My intention has been to play on Steam but I heard that I could buy from the Matrix store and get a DRM free key and also get a Steam key so I came here. When I registered WitE main game on Matrix store I couldn't find a Steam key anywhere. Then I found that you can only get Steam keys by registering with a Slitherine account on the Slitherine website. This should be clearly explained on the store buying page but there is zero info about this that I have seen. Then when I attempted to activate the key on Slitherine it says that the key has already been used. So now there is no way for me to get a Steam key at all. To make matters worse, I sent a helpdesk ticket and now my Matrix account has been locked out so I can't even download the updates etc. so that I can play the game. So far there has been no response from customer support, I guess they are off for the weekend then?


Please help.


I did not find the right solution from the Internet.






welcome to our forum,

if you are asking about "The Matrix Online" (MMORPG), you cannot play to it anymore. Sony Online Entertainment shut down operation of the game on July 31, 2009. that said, how did you buy that game? yet, why did you try to redeem your key thru Steam?

honestly i do not get the reasons of your request, or maybe i totally missunderstood your words. this website is dedicated to sci-fi saga/s, we will not ever provide support to technical issues related to gaming platforms (ie: Steam).

have a nice day.


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